In Dahisar, the police had arrested Nedelc after finding that

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Discount Moncler Coats This is why Tommy Robinson was jailed for filming outside a courtThe judge in the case at Leeds Crown Court told Robinson “Freedom of speech comes with responsibility”Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailEnglish Defence League co founder Tommy Robinson was jailed for 13 months, after a dire warning that his behaviour could have de rail a trial.Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley Lennon, livestreamed himself for an hour outside Leeds moncler sale outlet Crown Court, and was cheap moncler coats watched by 250,000 people.A judge who locked the far right activist up for 13 months for contempt of court told the activist his irresponsible actions may cause a long running trial to be retried which would cost taxpayers ‘hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds’.And a court order had also been in place temporarily banning any reporting on Robinson’s arrest and sentencing hearing, but details can now be revealed.Tommy Robinson has been freed from prison after winning an appealLeedsLive reports a court order temporarily banned any mention of the court proceedings but the site challenged the order and today (Tuesday) the judge agreed to lift the reporting restriction in regards to Yaxley Lennon’s case.Tommy Robinson streamed outside Leeds Crown CourtHe also has convictions for disobeying a court order, possessing identity documents with intent, fraud, assault occasioning cheap moncler jackets actual bodily harm, possessing drugs and threatening behaviour.He pleaded guilty to contempt of court and breach of a suspended sentence.Matthew Harding, mitigating, said his client felt “deep regret” after realising the potential consequences of his actions.Video shows the moment EDL founder Tommy Robinson gets ‘attacked’ outside McDonald’sHe said Robinson was aware of the reporting restriction in place in the case but thought what he was saying on camera was already in the public domain.The barrister added: “He was mindful, having spoken to others and taken advice, cheap moncler not to say things that he thought would actually prejudice these proceedings.”He did not try to cause difficulties for the court process.”Mr Harding said Robinson had been the victim of assaults while serving time in prison before and there had been “a price on his head” during his last prison term with inmates being offered the reward of drugs and mobile phones to kill him.Tommy Robinson took Cambridgeshire police to court and a circus unfolded outsideBut the judge said: “No one could possibly conclude that it would be anything other than highly moncler outlet 2014 prejudicial to the defendants in the trial.”I respect everyone’s right to free speech. That’s one of the most important rights that we have.”With those rights come responsibilities. The responsibility to exercise that freedom of speech within the law.”I am not sure you appreciate the potential consequence of what you have done.”The judge added: “You have to understand we are not preventing publication Discount Moncler Coats.

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